//Baat Karona – Share your COVID Experience!

Baat Karona – Share your COVID Experience!

Dealing with COVID-19: One of the things we are hoping to do in the coming weeks is to start collecting personal memories, reflections- things that we will want to remember from these days. We know that one of the things many of us will hold on to are the grocery lists that we passed on to kirana stores and the Gpay receipts associated with them. We will hold on to the phone camera recording of the Covid burial made from the balcony overlooking the graveyard in our area. We have promised ourselves that we will collect and hold memories that rushed past you. Just send them over to us. Audio recordings, videos, letters, just anything. If you need help in figuring out how to record and send them as voice mail or email just message us. Propose. Suggest. Get in touch. We prefer text, voice, image messages over voice calls. But that’s only so that we can give undivided attention. If you really feel the need to call and speak, please feel free.

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Sketches: Kabeer, Meenakshi and Aditya