//Lockdown Databases for Hyderabad!

Lockdown Databases for Hyderabad!

Dealing with COVID-19, needs new tools, new ways of seeing the city when we can’t be out and about. So we’ve created a tool for accessing various spatial databases about Hyderabad, all in one place!


The unprecedented national lockdown aimed at flattening the Covid infection curve, made us aware of one thing: there are millions of people in our cities whose reserves are barely days away from starvation. Our website https://lockdownmaps.hydlab.in/ began as an attempt to proactively map both hunger and the social infrastructure to mitigate hunger in Hyderabad.

Why maps?

Maps give us locations and routes and allow us to tell stories. Where are the hungry people? How do we reach them? If the maps on this website allow the users to locate themselves and give them routes to reach others, then they have served their purpose.

How to use?

Maps: When you enter the website, you are prompted to share your location. Please allow your mobile or laptop to share its location. This should open the map centered on your current location. You can always change the location by moving the marker to center on other location. You will see a drop down menu in which you can choose what you want to see. Lists: Alternatively, you can click on “Lists” tab and see a list of lists. These lists are arranged to show you the most relevant information for the location you have chosen.